Your Guide to Christmas Tree Sizes

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Selecting an Artificial Christmas Tree Height and Width

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree for the festive season? Here’s a handy guide. First up, consider the width and height that’ll fit your space like a glove. Artificial trees come in three widths: full-bodied, slim, and pencil-thin.

Their heights vary too, from tiny tabletop versions to towering 12-footers, increasing by half a foot each time. So grab a tape measure and size up the spot where you’re planning to put up your tree. Make sure there’s enough wiggle room for you to deck it up comfortably.

And here’s a pro tip from Phillip K. Weddle – leave at least a 6-inch gap between the ceiling and the tree if you’re thinking of adding a tree topper later. If you’ve got ample space, go all out with a full-size artificial tree. For tighter spots, a slim or narrow tree would be your best bet.

But what if you’re really strapped for space? Consider a flat-back Christmas tree. It can snugly fit against a wall while still giving off those merry holiday vibes. And don’t miss out on the Christmas tree Black Friday sales for some great deals on these artificial beauties!

Christmas tree size

How to choose your Christmas tree size.

Choose Artificial Tree Shapes

Choosing artificial Christmas tree shapes, it’s important to consider various factors. Some options may come in pencil-thin and razor-edged shapes that may not look realistic. However, if you’re aiming for a specific look or have limited space, these shapes might be suitable.

Alternatively, you can opt for larger, fuller, and more organic shapes that closely resemble trees from a Christmas tree farm. It’s crucial to assess your preferences and requirements in order to make the right choice for your holiday decor.



Artificial Christmas tree
Artificial Christmas tree with Full shape.

The appeal of our full artificial Christmas trees lies in their abundant foliage and robust branches, making them an ideal choice for displaying your ornaments.


Artificial Christmas tree with Thin shape
Artificial Christmas tree with Thin shape.

Infuse holiday spirit into tight entryways and compact areas using our slim artificial Christmas trees.


Artificial Christmas tree with Flatback shape

Experience the full essence of Christmas without compromising on space. Flat back and corner artificial Christmas trees offer the perfect solution for adorning cramped corners and small areas with timeless holiday joy.


Artificial Christmas tree with Sparse shape
Artificial Christmas tree with Sparse shape

Embrace the unadulterated beauty of nature with our sparse Christmas trees. Their organic shapes and lifelike branches create the perfect canvas to showcase your cherished ornaments.


Artificial Christmas tree with Wide shape
Artificial Christmas tree with Wide shape.

Elevate your celebrations with a broader silhouette that complements spacious rooms. Full and luxuriant, wide trees provide ample room for your ornaments and space for gifts beneath.

Consider the Species of Christmas tree


This holiday season, rock out with a green artificial Christmas tree – a fantastic alternative to the real deal! It’s got lush spruce branches, providing ample room for all your ornaments and lights. Plus, the green plastic needles mean easy upkeep in your living room or den.

No worries about it toppling over, either – the foldable metal tree stand keeps it standing strong. When the holidays are over, simply store the stand away until next year. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your space perfectly.


This artificial Christmas tree is crafted from PVC and has a slim, slender design that looks like a natural fir tree in green and brown shades. Plus, it comes in three pieces and includes a stand, so you can display it right away. Say goodbye to shedding needles and hello to easy decorating!


Get ready for Christmas with this 2′ artificial pine tree. It’s great for smaller spaces and has 1241 green plastic branch tips. The tree is flocked with natural-looking pinecones for a classic look and features a brown burlap bag base for a touch of modern farmhouse flair. You can display it indoors or in a covered outdoor area since it’s weather-resistant. Don’t forget to fluff and shape the branches once it arrives!


Lights or No Lights?

When deciding whether to opt for a pre-lit Christmas tree, consider the added cost. While pre-lit trees tend to be pricier, they save you time and stress during decoration. No worries about untangling lights after hauling boxes from the basement.

Moreover, if you choose a pre-lit artificial tree, consider the type of lights. You have two options: incandescent or LED lights. LED lights use less electricity and generate less heat than incandescent bulbs, although incandescent lights are more cost-effective.


What Are My Options for Easy Set-up Christmas Trees?

If you’re looking for easy set-up Christmas trees, we’ve got you covered. Our trees are designed with features that simplify your Christmas tree assembly, saving you time and energy. With hinged branches that fan out and in, setting up and storing our trees is a breeze.

You’ll also love our sturdy metal stand with rubber feet, keeping your floor clean and beautiful. And don’t worry about the branches looking sparse – simply fluff them up for a fuller look.


What Else Should I Consider When Buying a Christmas Tree?

First, think about the size of the tree and how it will fit in your space. Next, consider the needle composition – some trees have more realistic needles while others may be more artificial-looking. Also, think about the type of lights you want on the tree, as well as any special set-up features you may prefer. Lastly, keep your budget in mind as prices can vary depending on these factors.


Price Range

Think about the size of the tree that fits your space, the type of needles you prefer, the lighting options available, and the ease of setting it up. These factors can vary the prices of artificial trees, which may be a bit pricier than real trees. However, artificial trees have the advantage of lasting season after season, making them a cost-effective and convenient choice.

Key Decorations

One important aspect is the sturdiness and flexibility of the branches. This is crucial to support ornaments of different sizes and weights. You should also take into account how you plan to decorate the tree. You can layer assorted decorations, use ribbons, and fill gaps with picks.

Christmas Tree Toppers

If you plan on using a tree topper, make sure there is at least 6 inches of clearance between the topper and the ceiling. Our trees come with a sturdy top branch tip to securely hold your topper in place.

Christmas Tree Skirts, Collars, & Stands

Opt for a tree skirt that exceeds the width of your tree, ensuring it conceals the stand and extends beyond the base’s diameter. Additionally, you might explore tree collars or decorative stands as viable alternatives. Collars securely encircle the base, while decorative stands substitute the base while offering support.

Care & Storage

To maintain your tree’s pristine condition, store it in a cool, dry location. Consider using storage bags, as they are highly recommended for protecting your tree from dust and the elements.

Best Time To Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial trees are sold all year long, but you’ll find the best deals during major shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can also take advantage of post-Christmas clearance sales and Christmas in July.

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