How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon

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Reasons to use Ribbon on the tree

Ribbons are my go-to when it comes to Christmas tree decor, and here’s why:

  • Setting the tone: Ribbons effortlessly establish a color scheme and theme for your tree. The best part? You can refresh your tree’s look every year just by switching up the ribbon.
  • Creating abundance: If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly way to make your tree appear fuller and decked out in ornaments, ribbons are your answer.
  • Adding charm: There’s something about ribbons that adds an elegant, magical touch to the tree, creating a sense of dynamic movement.

So when you’re gearing up for the holiday season, consider adding ribbons to your decor shopping list. Don’t forget to check out the Black Friday Christmas tree deals – you might find a deal on ribbons that’s too good to pass up!

How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Choose your favourite ribbon

With a wide range of colors, fabrics, patterns, and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect ribbon for any occasion.

Some ribbons even come with wire edging, adding shape and structure, while others exude elegance and grace. The variety of ribbon styles available ensures that there is something for everyone’s taste and needs.


Satin is a fabric that has a stunning shine, which perfectly reflects the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights.

How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Velvet on the Christmas tree feels incredibly soft and adds a touch of luxury

Wired Organza

How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Wired Organza ribbon is delicate yet sturdy with wired edges that help it retain its shape, making it perfect for styling.


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Burlap is perfect for creating a cozy, natural Christmas feel.

Burlap with lace

How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Burlap with Lace adds a lovely touch that is both charming and versatile.


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Lace for Christmas ribbon is a lovely choice, delicate and soft.


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Plaid is a fantastic traditional choice, especially when you go for those classic Christmas color schemes.


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Tartan is a great alternative to plaid and is perfect for achieving a traditional and cozy Christmas aesthetic.


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Jute is like burlap, with its natural textures and neutral color. It’s a versatile material that can be used for various purposes.

Organza Fabric

How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Organza Fabric is a versatile choice for achieving a draped look, rather than a neat or formal ribbon. It can be easily cut to size and used to create bows.


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Stripe ribbon is a great option to mix with different fabric patterns and add some interest to your Christmas tree.


How to Decorate a Christmas tree with Ribbon –

Tulle is a lightweight fabric that is almost sheer, making it perfect for letting the Christmas lights shine through.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon vertically

The vertical ribbon on a Christmas tree look can be achieved in two ways:

  • Make the ribbon looking like a waterfall drifting down the branches of the tree.
  • Arrange the ribbon into ringlets, curling as they come down the tree.

To achieve the curled look with your Christmas tree ribbons:

  • Dampen the ribbon, wrap it around a skewer, and place it in the oven at medium heat until dry.
  • If you have wired ribbon, simply curl it as the wire will hold the shape.
  • Secure the top of the ribbon to the tree by hooking a branch if you have an artificial tree. For a real tree, use florist’s wire or ornament hooks to attach the ribbon to a branch.
  • To hide the ends, wrap any extra ribbon to a branch that is not visible at the bottom of the tree.

To achieve the waterfall look with Christmas tree ribbon:

To achieve the waterfall look with Christmas tree ribbon, you have two options. The first is to cut smaller strips, while the second involves working with a long stretch of ribbon.

  • If you decide to use a long stretch of ribbon, start by securing the top. Hook the ribbon to a branch and ensure it stays in place.
  • Next, measure out a small stretch of fabric and pinch it where you want it to end. Use a branch or wire to hook the fabric.
  • Repeat this step until you reach the bottom of the tree. Hide the ends by wrapping any extra ribbon around a branch that’s not visible.
  • Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect using shorter strips of ribbon, but keep in mind that the outcome may vary.

How to style horizontal ribbon decoration for the Christmas Tree?

Start by draping the ribbon horizontally over the branches of the tree, just like a classic garland. Keep an even width between each ring of the ribbon, similar to how you would with tinsel.

As you go around the tree, twist a branch around the ribbon for added security. If you have a real tree, you can also use ornament hooks or small cuts of wire to secure the ribbon in place.

By securing the ribbon and giving it a puffed look, you can avoid having a solid block of color around the tree. This method is perfect if you prefer to skip the time-consuming task of aligning the ribbon downwards.

Top tips for decorating with ribbon

1. Coordinate with your overall Christmas decor theme

Consider your overall theme for the room and your home when planning your Christmas tree decorations. This will guide your choice of color, fabric, and style for tying the ribbon to the tree.

2. Prepare the Christmas tree first

Put the Christmas tree lights onto the tree. Then, drape and tie the ribbon garlands onto the branches and place the tree ornaments on afterward.

3. Choose the right ribbon for your tree

Choosing the right ribbon for your tree, consider the various types of ribbon fabric available.

4. How much ribbon and what size do you need?

For decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon, it’s important to choose the right width and length.

In terms of width, a ribbon between 5cm to 12cm wide (roughly 2.5 inches to 5 inches) would work well.

You can also consider using different widths of ribbon and incorporating bows for added variety.

When it comes to length, a general guideline is to have approximately 5-7.5 meters of ribbon per 1 meter of tree height.

However, the specific amount of ribbon you use depends on personal preference and how full you want the tree to look.

5. Mix fabrics

Mixing fabrics can be a fun and creative way to add stylish interest to your outfits. You can experiment with a variety of colours, textures, and patterns to create unique looks.

For example, you can choose fabrics from the same colour family but mix them together to create an eye-catching combination.

Alternatively, you can opt for similar fabrics and contrast the colours to achieve a fun and festive look.

The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your choices!

Should You Put Ribbon on Your Christmas Tree First or Last?

You should definitely put ribbons on your Christmas tree first. By doing so, you can easily anchor them deep into the branches, ensuring they stay in place.

This also helps avoid any accidental bumping or breaking of ornaments while you decorate.

If you plan to use Christmas lights, remember to string them first before adding the ribbons. This way, you can create a beautiful and organized tree in no time!

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