How to String Beads on a Christmas Tree

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Supplies to Make a Beaded Christmas Tree

– Stiff beading wire (approximately eight feet, gauge depends on bead size)
– Green glass beads (any size or shape, enough to fill eight feet of wire)
– Beads in various colors (red, clear, gold, white, silver, etc.) for decorations
– Two pairs of beading pliers
– Wire cutters

Feel free to adjust the size of your beaded Christmas tree according to your preferences, as the number and type of beads are completely up to you.

Basic Beaded Christmas Tree Instructions

Start by placing a green bead on the wire and use pliers to bend the wire back around it. This will be the top of your Christmas tree.

Using the pliers, bend the wire into a tight spiral with the bead in the center. Gradually make each ring of wire looser until you’ve used up the entire length.

Begin adding beads to the wire. String them on from the outside spiral and push them around until they reach the center. Use mainly green beads, but mix in some other colors and sizes for decorations.

When the entire spiral is covered in beads, use the pliers to finish off the end and keep the beads in place.

Gently pull up on the center bead, forming the spiral into a cone or tree shape. Adjust the shape as needed.

If you’re hanging the beaded tree on your real Christmas tree, add a hanging ribbon or string to the top bead. If it’s sitting on a surface, ensure the bottom feels flat and stable.

Collect your supplies and a step stool

Collect your supplies, including two strands of beaded strings per 1 vertical foot of the tree. Make sure you have a step stool next to the tree for easy and safe access to the top. It’s helpful to have another person to assist with hanging the beaded strings.

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How to String Beads on a Christmas Tree

Start stringing beads below the Christmas tree topper

Place one end of the bead string into the top center of the tree, around 4 inches from the top. Secure the end by wrapping it around a branch once or twice, making sure it’s not visible outside the tree.

How to String Beads on a Christmas Tree

Drape the beaded garland around the holiday tree

Drape the beaded garland around the holiday tree by loosely spiraling it down and around. Space each spiral approximately 8 inches apart on the top third of the tree.

How to String Beads on a Christmas Tree

Wrap more beaded holiday garlands around the tree

Wrap more beaded holiday garlands around the tree, then drape the bead string between the tree branches. This will create a visually pleasing effect instead of a straight spiral pattern.

I’ll wrap more beaded holiday garlands around the tree, spacing the spiral loops closer together once I pass the top third of the tree. I’ll reduce the spacing between spirals to about 6 inches apart.

How to String Beads on a Christmas Tree

Secure the end of the bead Christmas tree garland

Secure the end of the bead Christmas tree garland by tucking it into the center bottom of the tree to ensure it is not visible.

How to String Beads on a Christmas Tree

Apply the finishing touches to the Christmas tree

Stand back and take a look at the tree. Make any adjustments to the bead string, like adding more drapes. You can choose to have the string of beads as the sole decoration or combine them with other Christmas decor ideas. Try adding Christmas tree ornaments, pine cones, or tinsel. Don’t forget to add a tree skirt and a Christmas tree topper if you haven’t already.

Whether you opt for a wood bead garland or a string with shiny beads, thoughtfully hanging the beads will bring something special to your Christmas tree decorations. Begin at the top of the tree and work your way down with the string of beads, taking the time to step back and adjust them as needed. Conceal the end of the beads near the bottom of the tree, and then add the rest of your ornaments to complete your family’s perfect Christmas tree.

How to String Beads on a Christmas Tree

Tips for Beading Beginners

For those new to beading, here are some helpful tips to enjoy this project and others like it:
– Take your time and practice; don’t get frustrated if you start off slow.
– Use a cookie sheet or tray with edges to prevent beads from rolling off your table or desk.
– Invest in appropriate beading tools, such as pliers, to make wire manipulation easier.
– Start with small projects if you feel overwhelmed; you can begin with something as simple as a tiny Christmas tree and work your way up.

Interesting Beaded Tree Variations

Interesting Beaded Tree Variations:

– Get creative with different shapes of beads, like faceted designs or stars.
– Switch things up by using wood beads or metal beads instead of glass.
– For a unique look, consider using vintage beads recycled from broken jewelry.
– Have fun with different colors and make your tree white or gold.
– If you’re up for a challenge, try making a more intricate beaded Christmas tree using seed beads and wire loops using a technique called French beading.

Make Your Holidays Meaningful With Handmade Decorations

Make your holidays even more special by creating handmade decorations. Whether it’s a beaded Christmas tree or ornaments for your real tree, let your creativity shine during the festive season. Handmade decorations add a personal touch to your home and make heartfelt gifts for loved ones. Embrace the joy of crafting and make this holiday season truly meaningful.

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