Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches

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10 Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches


1. Bare Branches

Bare branches from a black friday xmas tree deals can make a long-lasting decoration. Cut the branches and remove the needles, then place them in a container of your choice. Mason jars, tin cans wrapped in burlap, or vases work well. You can use any size of container and branches you like.

Once you have prepared the branches and found a container, get creative with decorating them. String lights, add ornaments, or use any other decorations you prefer. Place these new decorations around your home or give them as gifts. When placing them in a vase, make sure they are secure to prevent toppling. Use rocks, pine cones, or hot glue to hold them in place. These decorations will become cherished keepsakes.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches


2. Creative Wreaths

Making creative wreaths with Christmas tree branches is a fun and cost-effective way to decorate for the holidays. Instead of using the traditional pine needles, consider using branches without needles to create a long-lasting wreath that can be customized to your style.

Get creative and add paint, ribbons, glitter, or any other decorations that inspire you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money; you can use leftover materials from other projects or find inspiration in the clearance section of a craft store.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches


3. Mini Christmas Trees

Kids love having multiple Christmas trees in their homes. Just imagine how excited they would be to have their own mini tree in their bedroom! And the best part is, you can create these mini trees without spending any extra money. Simply arrange the branches of your main Christmas tree to make multiple mini trees.

It’s like getting a bouquet of flowers and putting them in a vase. With the branch cuttings, you can put them in a vase with water to keep them fresh, just like you do with your main tree. You can choose to keep the needles on or off, depending on the look you prefer. This is a fantastic way to get children involved in the festive decorations. While certain Christmas ornaments may be off-limits to kids, let them make their own ornaments and decorate their own trees. It gives them a sense of independence while keeping your cherished and fragile ornaments safe.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches


4. Christmas Card Holder

I love the idea of using Christmas cards as ornaments! It’s a creative and unique way to display the cards you receive. All you need to do is find some branches without pine needles for a rustic look. Depending on how many cards you plan to receive, choose the size of the branches accordingly. When you get your Christmas cards, simply staple, glue, or tape ribbon or burlap string to the top of each card and hang them on the branches.


5. Door Décor

Use colorful ribbons to bind them together and consider adding berries, ornaments, other greens, candy canes, or lights for extra flair.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches


6. Added Décor to Wrapping Paper

When wrapping your Christmas presents, add a small branch and tie it to your gifts for a delightful evergreen scent and a lovely touch. It creates added decoration to your wrapping paper, enhancing the overall presentation and bringing a touch of nature to your gifts.


7. Glitter Branches

When you wrap your Christmas presents, try cutting a small branch and attaching it to your gifts for a lovely evergreen scent and added decoration. This simple and creative idea not only infuses a touch of nature into your presence but also enhances the overall visual appeal.

8. Window Boxes

If you have a big tree, you can trim extra branches and use them as fillers for window boxes. Add some sprigs of winterberry and holly for a classy finish that can be enjoyed throughout the winter.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches


9. Swags

Swags are created by tying together a handful of branches with floral wire. The cut end is secured and covered with festive ribbon, and the swag is hung with the bow on top. The branch tips should be fanned out and pointed downward. These charming decorations look fantastic on small shed doors, outbuildings, or tied at intervals on fence posts.

10. Table Runner

Table runners can be replaced with a creative alternative by arranging cut tree boughs along the center of square or oblong tables or in a doily fashion on round or oval tables. To enhance the holiday ambiance, group chubby Christmas candles or battery-operated votives throughout the greenery. The warmth from food placed on the greenery will release more fragrance into the air. Remember to never leave lit candles unattended.

Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Branches


How long does it take to tweak my branches?

It typically takes less than 30 minutes for a single person to shape the branches on a 7ft Christmas tree. The time needed may vary, depending on the level of care and attention given to branch tweaking. Keep in mind that the more effort you put into shaping the branches, the better the results.

As for installation, it’s a straightforward process. On a hook-on style tree, the branches are color-coded, making it easy to identify where they should be hooked onto the center pole. For trees with attached or hinged branches, the hooking is already done for you, so the branches should fall into place once the center pole is erected.

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