When Should You Put Christmas Presents Under the Tree?

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The history behind giving Christmas gifts in the UK

In the UK, the tradition of Christmas gifts has a rich history. It’s believed to have started with Queen Victoria, who introduced the practice of exchanging homemade gifts among the people in the palace. Even today, the royal family continues this tradition by exchanging inexpensive homemade gifts.

This tradition’s origin can be traced back to the ancient Romans, who would exchange gifts during their Saturnalia holiday celebrations. Many people also associate it with the three wise men who brought gold, myrrh, and frankincense as gifts for baby Jesus. Christmas gift-giving has become an integral part of the holiday season, symbolizing love and generosity.

When Should You Put Christmas Presents Under the Tree?


When is the right time to put Christmas presents under the tree?

As I’m browsing through the Black Friday Christmas tree deals 2023, it got me thinking about when we should start placing gifts under the tree. Truth be told, there’s no universal ‘right’ time for this. Some may start early, while others might wait until Christmas Eve. The timing really depends on personal or family traditions, making each experience unique and special.

Christmas Eve

Many people like to put Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition that many children believe in Father Christmas, so some parents choose to place the gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve to make it seem like they’re from Father Christmas.

As soon as you wrap your Christmas gifts

As soon as you wrap your Christmas presents, it’s a great time to place them, especially if you have older kids. You can usually trust them to wait until Christmas morning to open the gifts! To fully embrace the festive spirit, hang stockings with your little ones and eagerly await Father Christmas to fill them with gifts during the night on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, it’s a great time to put your gifts under the tree, especially if you’re expecting family and friends to visit. This way, you can easily add the presents from your loved ones as they arrive, and open them together once everyone is here.

When Should You Put Christmas Presents Under the Tree?


How to creatively put your Christmas presents under the tree

Similar to the way you decorate a Christmas tree, how you arrange your Christmas gifts beneath it can reveal a lot about your personal style and personality. The days of simply stacking them on top of one another to clear space are a thing of the past.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your wrapping

Use wrapping paper in various colors and patterns, along with different ribbons, bows, and bags. This will create an attractive and lively mix of wrapping, making your presents look more appealing.

When Should You Put Christmas Presents Under the Tree?


Pay attention to how you stack your Christmas presents

When stacking your Christmas presents, it’s essential to be creative and think about how it will excite your kids and family members when they open them. One way to do this is by strategically placing the larger and more exciting gifts towards the back or side.

Not only does this arrangement look visually appealing, but it also keeps the excitement of unwrapping gifts alive. By saving the best gifts for last, your loved ones will be even more eager to unwrap them.

To make your gift display even more enticing, consider creating several piles of presents. Start by placing the larger ones at the bottom, then add the smaller ones on top. This arrangement will make your collection look more visually appealing.

When stacking your presents, avoid creating a towering stack that might overshadow the rest. Instead, spread them out on both sides of the tree. It’s also a good idea to leave a small space between your Christmas tree and presents. This gives the impression of having more gifts and adds to the overall aesthetic.

Keep Christmas presents away from heat sources

Make sure to keep your realistic Christmas tree and gifts away from heat sources like candles and fireplaces. It’s important to consider the location of your tree beforehand to ensure the safety of both the tree and your gifts.

Keep a rubbish bin nearby

Having a rubbish bin nearby while unwrapping gifts is really helpful. It keeps things organized and prevents any unnecessary mess. Plus, it allows you to easily dispose of unwanted paper and prevents accidentally throwing away smaller gifts.

Keep pets away from your gifts

Keeping your gifts safe from your pets, it’s best to prevent their access to the room where the presents are kept. If that’s not possible, consider creating a barrier of heavy objects around the gifts and remove them the next day. It’s no fun waking up to a mess of torn wrapping paper and opened Christmas presents.


How many gifts should be under a Christmas tree?

It really varies based on the number of gifts you have and the available space under the tree. Some people enjoy filling the tree with presents, while others prefer a more spread-out arrangement. Ultimately, the number of gifts under a Christmas tree is a personal choice and depends on individual preferences.

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