How to hide Christmas tree legs

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Fabric options for tree skirts are timeless and versatile. Whether you prefer a cool appearance, easy DIY solutions, or a perfect fit for any christmas tree black friday deals style, you can choose or make a skirt to suit your preferences. If you don’t want to sew, you can use a chunky knit blanket or faux white fur to cover the tree base, creating an imitation of snow.

Consider an Urn Planter

Consider using an urn planter to elevate a small real or faux Christmas tree. You can give it extra height by placing it on a cement pedestal. Try wrapping delicate garland around the stand or spray painting it to further customize it. This will add a touch of elegance to your festive decorations.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Use an Upside-Down Basket

You can create a festive tree collar similar to designer Kate Lester’s by using an upside-down basket. Simply cut a hole in the top of a large basket, remove any handles, and use it to hide a basic tree stand. It’s a practical and affordable alternative to buying a woven basket tree collar.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Get a Wood Barrel

Get a wood barrel to contain all the mess under the tree. You can choose a giant one or a smaller version, like the one used for this tree.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Upcycle a Rug

Upcycling a rug is a creative way to transform a tree stand using a white faux fur rug. Whether you have one lying around that you no longer need or you find one at a secondhand shop, you can easily repurpose it to achieve a unique and cozy look for your tree in the living room. Simply drape the rug over the stand or cut a hole in it to create a makeshift skirt.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Build a Wood Crate

To build a wood crate, you’ll need a few wood planks, wood stain in your preferred color, and a power drill. This will add a warm touch to a modern tree and can be a fun project for anyone.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Make Glazed Pottery

To make glazed pottery, you can visit a local pottery-making shop and create a giant pot that can host a small Christmas tree. Let your creativity flow and choose from a traditional red and green design or go for something more abstract, like a blue-and-white pot that resembles a lightly cloudy sky.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Stick It in Burlap

Stick it in burlap! You don’t need a beach to achieve this look for your Christmas tree. Just grab a pot, a burlap sack, some fiber fill, and a ribbon. If you prefer a larger tree in a regular stand, use a burlap sack and secure it to the stand with a ribbon.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Find a Vintage Piano Stool

If you’re looking for a unique stand, consider disassembling a vintage piano stool. You can use the sturdy base as a holder for a slim faux tree.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Create a Faux Antique Box

If you love the idea of having an antique-looking box, why not create one yourself? You can easily make a faux antique box using spray paint and stencils. Or, if you prefer, you can also check out your local antique mall to see if there’s one already available that you love. The great thing about making your own is that you can customize it to perfectly match your interiors.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Use Photo Frames

You can use a few photo frames wrapped in a festive fabric to hide a basic tree stand and create a simple DIY display. It’s a great idea to match the fabric with your gift wrapping for an extra touch.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Fashion a Decorative Box

Creating a festive atmosphere for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. With just a few items from Dollar Tree, you can fashion a decorative box to use as a Christmas tree stand. Get creative by adding other festive accents like a cute snowman vase and a cake stand adorned with faux greenery and berries.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Try Wooden Pillars

Wooden pillars are a versatile and practical choice for showcasing mini Christmas trees by your front door. Moreover, these stands can serve as year-round decor, adding a touch of charm to your everyday surroundings.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Wrap It

I wrapped my plastic Christmas tree stand with a linen tablecloth or towel. I used a burgundy striped one that gives it a casual yet refined look.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Make It Metal

Transform a galvanized steel tub into a stylish and gleaming tree stand. Match it with a tree adorned with artificial snow, silver ornaments, and sparkling tinsel.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Wrap a Tire

Wrapping an old tire with twine or rope can give it a charming rustic appearance. Once you’ve completed this step, simply insert the tree stand inside the tire.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Repurpose a Lampshade

Repurposing a lampshade can add a touch of creativity to hide a dull tree stand. Consider using one with a checkered pattern like the Refunk My Junk design, or match the decor and ornaments you plan to decorate your tree with.

Create a Present

let’s create a present-themed Christmas tree stand that seamlessly blends in with the presents underneath the tree. This will not only add a touch of creativity but also make the whole setup look more cohesive and festive.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Warm It Up

I love the idea of adding a runner rug to the base of your tree to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It’s an effortless way to instantly elevate the vibes without much time or effort.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Use a Basket

I would place a small tree in a basket wrapped with a rope and adorned with colorful tassels for a pop of vibrancy. I could then move the basket onto a small table to add some height, and begin decorating the tree.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Pop It Into a Crate

I would choose a small tree and place it in a basket that is wrapped with ropes and adorned with colorful tassels for an added pop of vibrancy. I would then move the basket onto a small table to give it some height. After that, I can start decorating the tree.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Hessian sack

The hessian sack is a great option for a tree that is exposed from all sides. To determine the size needed, measure the length and height required to cover the tree base. Double the height measurement and add an additional 10cm to account for folding. Cut the hessian accordingly.

How to hide Christmas tree legs


Next, fold the hessian in half horizontally and staple along the top where the edges meet. Fold the stapled edge over twice to conceal the staples.

Now comes the tricky part – folding the hessian around the tree. Once you have accomplished this, take the two ends and fold them inward to create a seamless join. To ensure the join is secure, use a hot glue gun.

Bucket case

First, locate the midpoint between the basket’s two handles and use sturdy scissors to cut down the basket, all the way to the base. Take note, if your basket has wire in it, you’ll need wire cutters instead.

Once that’s done, carefully remove the base, leaving approximately a 3cm allowance from the edge. This way, when you wrap the basket around the tree, it will still appear as if the base is intact.

Now, you should have a long strip of basket material. Depending on the size of the basket, attach two or three pieces of string to each side of the basket. This will allow you to tie the basket together securely.

With this fantastic trick, you can easily transform the appearance of your trees and keep the backs hidden from view!

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